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WeHo Walgreens Mixed-Use Project Finally Gets Final Approval

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Considering the six years of community opposition, you'd think West Hollywood were proposing a 30-story tower at Santa Monica Boulevard and Crescent Heights, not a stumpy mixed-use with a Walgreens. The latest appeal of the LOHA-designed Walgreens project--currently downsized to a street-level, 13,200 square foot drug store; 2,100 square feet of other retail; and two levels of residential units above--was rejected last week by the city council, which moves the project closer to groundbreaking, the West Hollywood Patch reports. The project was previously shrunken from 48 apartments to 20, but some residents still brought the torches and pitchforks to the meeting. Councilmembers agreed the development wasn't perfection, but said it was better than the beat Tasty Donuts-fronted stripmall that currently sits near the corner (Mayor Jeffrey Prang said such a pedestrian-unfriendly project would never be approved today). The officials reminded residents that there would only be deliveries twice a week and that they would have to arrive in non-diesel trucks; according to the group opposed to the project, there will also be a 10 foot tall wall built between the project and nearby homes. Meanwhile, the politicians are pushing the developer for the project's rooftop "Sky Park" to be made accessible to the public. We're waiting to hear back from developer Pacific Development Partners, operating with Walgreens, on when Tasty Donuts meets the big deep fryer in the sky.
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