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Creek-Spanning Post and Beam in Pasadena By JW Putnam

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This is what's great about Southern California architecture--you're always turning up little gems by people you've never heard of. This interesting 1955 specimen in Pasadena, for instance, was designed by new-to-us JW Putnam; it's apparently "one of four designed and built by [Putnam] on San Rafael's prestigious Laguna Road." It spans a creek bed "(with fish!)" and comes with three bedrooms, one and three-quarter bathrooms, a step-down living room, decks, and nearly half an acre of land. (It also includes "brand new sliding glass doors" and "updated kitchen with granite counter tops.") Asking price is $1.049 million.
· 875 LAGUNA Rd [Redfin]
· Mid-Century Modern [deasy/penner]