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Tailored Pedestrian Ads in WeHo, New Bus-Only Metro App

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Well, this makes perfect sense--a reader sends in this photo of a street pole sign for Watch the Road, the local campaign "to promote kids and adults staying alert while driving, walking, or riding." He's noticed that this WeHo-specific sign near La Brea seems to feature same-sex couples: "Could it be the timing of Obama's evolution?" he asks. We'd guess it's just good old fashioned targeted advertising. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: Sure, Metro has a new app covering its whole system, but if you're looking for the heavy duty bus action, there's a new app called Transit LA "that gives you down-to-the-second wait times for any Los Angeles Metro bus stop. It can show where the bus is in real time, find the stop closest to you, and remember all your favorite stops." The app was created by a local freelance developer who "rode the Metro 40 miles a day" in high school, so he knows of that which he programs. And it's free at the iTunes store. [Curbed Inbox]