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Touring Michael Lehrer's Mandeville Canyon Hilltop House

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Home tour season is on its way out, but this past weekend we were back on the Westside for the AIA/LA's second spring tour, Palisades to Brentwood. We visited three of the four houses on display and will be showing them off to you all week. Let's get to it!

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

The Mandeville Canyon Hilltop House "began life some 60 years ago as a modest, typical Southern California ranch style home," but Lehrer Architects and the homeowners have spent the last 15 years "adding, subtracting, tweaking, transforming?elements of the inside and outside." The idea is to create "a 360-degree engagement of the landscape," so the spaces open to the garden and the many views--in an interview with the AIA/LA, Michael Lehrer calls it "a pavilion in the middle of many gardens." Meanwhile, the whole thing is stuffed with a fabulous photography collection.
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