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New La Brea Gallery For Listening (and Borrowing Skateboards)

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FAIRFAX: Sonos Studio is a new gallery space designed not for seeing, but for listening, and it sounds kind of bananas: "The 4,000 square foot studio, located in LA's La Brea Art and Design District, is a sonically-tuned venue with custom-built seven-degree canted gallery walls, strategically placed pyramidal sound-dispersing foam tiles, and a purposefully built listening room - all designed to build the best place to listen to music." The space was designed by architect Rania Alomar of RA-DA and interior designers Studio Collective, with a coffee bar by Coffee Commissary and furniture by Knibb Design. The space also has a skateboard "lending library" with a playlist "to match each deck." The space will host exhibitions, listening parties, concerts, and workshops, and debuts this Saturday with a show from Bleached and Questlove; the first exhibition, a sound installation by Luke Fischbeck, opens Sunday. The space will be open to the public Wednesdays through Sundays. [Curbed Inbox]