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Studio City Gets Crusty, LA's Teen Chef, WeHo's Mirabelle Gets Odd, Guide to Mother's Day Spots

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STUDIO CITY: It's Pizza Week over at Eater, and they report that a "pizza bar" called Crust opens Monday on Ventura. It's an upscale Australian concept, with fashionable decor and booze options.

BEVERLY GROVE: Eater checks in on Flynn McGarry, LA's own 13 year old wunderkind chef. The Mozart of Gastronomy, who began cooking at 10, recently served a nine-course American meal at Playa, a Latin restaurant on Beverly. The sold-out meal seemed to go off without too many hitches.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Sunset's Mirabelle, around since the early 1970s, got an interior makeover that debuts tonight. It sounds a bit acid trippy, which may be a strange pairing with seafood small plates. One design element includes "antique teddy bears encased in golden homes intended for gods," according to press from the restaurant.

LOS ANGELES: Eater and Racked have teamed up to give you a list of the definitive places to treat mom this Sunday. The list features plenty of tasteful restaurants and shops clustered around mom-friendly streets and areas like Beverly Blvd. and Santa Monica.
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