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Noguchi Plaza Transformed, Spring AIA/LA Home Tours Take 2

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All but last photo by Hirokazu Kosaka

LITTLE TOKYO: Yesterday we mentioned that landscape architect Calvin Abe (of AHBE) and artist Hirokazu Kosaka are co-curating LA Bloom, a nine day art and music festival centered at Little Tokyo's Noguchi Plaza; the pair has transformed the space with five million pebbles to create "one of the world's largest Zen gardens." Here now are the glorious photos, from last Friday night's performance of Mare Nubium, which also wove the plaza in multi-colored threads. The threads and pebbles will stay up as an installation throughout the festival, which ends May 5. [Curbed Inbox]

PACIFIC PALISADES/BRENTWOOD: It's spring home tour number two for the AIA/LA--last month they were in Venice and now they head just north a bit to Pacific Palisades and Brentwood. Houses include Callas Architects, Inc.'s Cor-ten Cottage, W3 Architects's Palleschi-Hart Residence, Lehrer Architects LA's DeBont Residence, and William Hefner Architect's Chautauqua Residence. Get your tickets here. [Curbed Inbox]