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1929 Los Feliz Manor Gets Art Deco Cell Tower Addition

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

By now, we're all quite familiar with the phenomenon of cell phone towers masquerading as palm trees or pines. But with the exploding popularity of smart phones, iPads, and other data-chowing devices, service carriers are increasingly branching out with their urban camouflage, concealing cell signal relay stations within such structures as flagpoles, church steeples, clock towers, and Richard Nixon's first law offices. In Los Feliz, the roofline of the landmark Los Feliz Manor is no longer quite the same as it was when the four-story complex was erected in 1929. That would be on account of the recent addition of several new structures concealing AT&T relay stations. Designed to blend in with the art deco building's original facade, the tacked-on sections aren't a perfect match, especially up close, but presumably sun exposure will help make a difference over time.
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Los Feliz Manor

4643 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Angeles, CA