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LA Supes Making Beach Frisbee Legal Once and For All

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Remember the controversy a few months ago when everyone (including us) got in a tizzy about a county law about throwing frisbees and footballs on the beach? The Supes had to explain that they hadn't made it illegal to have fun, it was actually already illegal to have fun, and they were just clarifying how illegal it was. (Their ordinance actually made it ok to play catch in the off-season, which it hadn't been before.) Well, the Supes have decided to overhaul the law again--Item 34 on the consent calendar (pdf) for next Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting would across-the-board legalize the use of frisbees and footballs on LA County beaches. According to the agenda, the ordinance will "clarify that the use of balls, flying discs, including frisbees, tubes, and any light-weight objects are permitted at all times on any beach that is owned, controlled, or managed by the County, provided that the involved activity does not endanger any person or property on or near the beach, or in or over the Pacific Ocean opposite any beach, or unless the Director of the Department of Beaches and Harbors or an ocean lifeguard directs otherwise to protect the public safety and enjoyment of the beach or the Pacific Ocean opposite any beach." So there you go: have fun, as long as you aren't hurting anyone. Sounds like a day at the beach. Items on the consent calendar are usually approved without discussion. If you want to see how the new ordinance stacks up against the version passed in February, the new ordinance crosses out the sections of the old ordinance that are being removed (pdf), so you can compare it to the new language.
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