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Imposing 1929 English By Harry Walker in Pasadena

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Here is some fine, imposing living in Pasadena, perfect for a mysterious professor, a reclusive old maid, or just someone who appreciates some sweet detailing. The four-bedroom, three and a half-bathroom was designed by Harry E. Walker and build in 1929. It comes with "Elaborate stonework, intricate oak carvings, leaded glass windows, hardwood and tile floors," a two-story brick fireplace, a choir loft, a dining room, an octagonal breakfast room, a patio, a library with built-ins, and a balcony "with staircase to the front garden." The house was originally listed for $1.6 million. It's been chopped to $1.375 million.
· 2350 East ORANGE GROVE Blvd [Redfin]