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Mattachine Steps Dedication, Roommate Club Mixers

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SILVER LAKE: Gay rights activist Harry Hay would have been 100 tomorrow. To celebrate, the Cove Avenue Steps in Silver Lake, which lead to the house where Hay hosted the first meeting of the early gay rights group, the Mattachine Society, will be renamed to the Mattachine Steps. A rededication will be held at 11 am. [Echo Park Patch]

HOLLYWOOD: There's a new datingish service for roommates called Meet, Mingle, Move--they aim to introduce potential roommates at "weekly mixers at the hottest venues around Los Angeles." MMM holds a launch party next Wednesday at the Lexington Social House starting at 8 pm; just in time to make a new friend and hit up Craigslist for a May 1 move-in. [Curbed Inbox] Image via Echo Park Patch