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Downtown NFL Stadium Details Revealed! Part Two: The Signs

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As we mentioned earlier, today's the big release day for the Downtown NFL stadium's draft environmental impact report--the document that includes all the juicy details on what developer AEG has planned for the proposed Farmers Field and Convention Center makeover. This afternoon, we tackled the traffic and parking issues, now we head to Appendix D and the various signs and sign regulations. The plan creates three sign zones with their own sets of rules, but overall it allows a maximum of 110,000 square feet of permanent signs "excluding wayfinding signage, 10,000 square feet of temporary signage, and 59,200 square feet of on-site aerial view signage." For off-site signage, advertising things you won't find at the stadium or Convention Center, the plan allows 70,000 square feet.

According to the report, "The majority of signage would be focused on the building façades along the perimeter of the Project Site, including along Figueroa Street, SR-110 and the freeway interchange." Under the existing sign regulations, AEG is also allowed to add signage at their Staples Center. Throughout the project, "signage types could include identification signs, temporary event signs, electronic digital displays, changeable message LED boards, static signs, identification signs and retail/tenant identification signs."

AEG expects the entire project to be finished "by mid- to late 2016" (although the DEIR uses 2017 to be safe), with Convention Center construction starting in 2012 and finishing up in 2014. The Bond Street should be finished in mid-2013, the LA Live Way Garages should be done in late 2014, and the stadium would be the last piece of the puzzle. AEG is hoping to bring in an NFL team well before it's finished; they would play temporarily at somewhere like the Coliseum or the Rose Bowl.
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