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Glendale Narrows Getting 2 Bridges, Including One to Griffith

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Earlier this week, the Glendale City Council approved $800,000 in Measure R funding for two bridges as a part of the ongoing Glendale Narrows Riverwalk project to improve a section along the soft-bottomed portion of the LA River. According to the LA Times, "One bridge will connect a trail between the first phase of the riverwalk to the second portion, which continues a bike and pedestrian pathway to the Verdugo Wash. The other bridge would run over the Los Angeles River to Griffith Park." Each bridge has an estimated price tag of $400,000, with the money going to "construction of the trail bridge over a drainage channel into the Los Angeles River and the preliminary engineering for the Griffith Park bridge."

The new bridges will supplement the first phase of the riverwalk project--which includes about $1.7 million in ongoing construction. The first phase stretches from Bette Davis Park on Paula Avenue to the edge of DreamWorks Animation near Flower Street. The city has applied for an additional $975,000 in California River Parkways grant money to pay for the second phase, which "includes a bicycle and pedestrian path and a small seating area near the Verdugo Wash." Glendale officials hope that they will receive positive news on that money before construction begins on the two new bridges. Further down the river--or road, or whatever--a third phase will "include a third bridge connecting the riverwalk to North Atwater across the Verdugo Wash."
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