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Please Don't Forget to Tip Your Editors

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As spring pushes the last remnants of winter away, there's no better time to thank the tipsters who regularly send in listings, gossip, and rants to the Curbed LA tipline. Thank you!

So, heard any good stories lately about pocket listed megamansions, neighbor squabbles, new developments, or Los Angeles oddities? All this and other tales of LA neighborhoods and land use are very welcome to the tipline; just drop a note to Photos are especially encouraged. Anonymity guaranteed, of course.

While you're at it, feel free to follow Curbed LA on Facebook and Twitter. For the photographers in the crowd, there's also the Curbed LA flickr photo pool. And let's not forget the daily Curbed LA newsletter for a dose of the day's top stories delivered hot and fresh to your inbox each evening (sign up below). However you choose to follow Curbed LA: thanks for tagging along!

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