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Nuovo Italiano on Hyperion, Highland Park Gallic, Eats at Staples and Dodger Stadium, Easter Dinner Ideas

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SILVER LAKE: Tonight is opening night for Lago D'Argento (pictured), the new Italian venture from the owner of the neighboring and very popular Barbarella Bar. The menu sounds luscious: "Oven-roasted meatballs with mozzarella, roasted chicken, roasted calamari, and other plates to share," Eater reports. "The pizzas are the namesake though, and the white truffle, prosciuitto with fig jam, duck sausage and caramelized pear stand out among the red sauced versions."

HIGHLAND PARK: A nice new neighborhood haunt is coming to York: Ba, "fine French dining without pretension," according to owner/chef James Graham. The place is a cozy little thing--900 square feet--with meals around 20 bucks.

SOUTH PARK/ECHO PARK: Ambitious Eater has taken on the task of creating food guides for Southern California's biggest sports venues. Highlights include Staples (more than Hooters!) and Dodger Stadum (not just Dodger dogs!).

LOS ANGELES: Our city isn't the most religious, but Sunday is indeed Easter. Should you want to have a proper meal for the occasion, Eater knows where to take the fam. Suggestions include Eveleigh in WeHo and Chaya Downtown.
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