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LA Working on Creating a Citywide Car Sharing Program

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The city of Los Angeles is getting into the car share game. The City Council yesterday approved the Request for Proposals for the City of Los Angeles Public Carshare Program, which sets the Los Angeles Department of Transportation on a search for a five-year contract with a private entity to create and manage a citywide car share program. The new RFP expands on a one-year pilot program with Zipcar that launched with facilities near USC and UCLA and eventually added 40 spaces around the city--the RFP says that "strong utilization figures" for the pilot project imply the need for a citywide system. According to the City Council motion approving the RFP, the city will use existing public parking infrastructure, but only a little: "LADOT proposes a maximum threshold of 300 public parking spaces for the use of the selected provider during the five-year term of the agreement in order to maintain public control over public parking spaces."

300 spaces isn't much, but it's a start, especially because the RFP requests car share facilities near public transit (Transit-Oriented Transit?)--it specifically mentions the Green Line, Exposition Line, Purple Line, Gold Line, Silver Line, Blue Line, Orange Line, Red Line, and the Wilshire corridor as potential sites for a system with a build out of 60 units every five years. As for whether the new contract will go to Zipcar, Hertz (On Demand) or Enterprise Holdings, the LADOT expects to report back on a contract within 150 days. Image via AutomotiveIT
· Request for Proposal for the City of Los Angeles Public Carshare Program [Council File 11-1376]
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