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Trump Golf Club Helps Kill Rancho Palos Verdes Dog Beach

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It was less than a month and a half ago that Rancho Palos Verdes approved an off-leash dog beach pilot program for the five acres of Rancho Palos Verdes beach that run below the Trump National Golf Club. Last night, they axed the plan. According to ABC7, "the dog beach drew a lot of criticism from area residents and businesses because of the large crowds, parking and dog waste"--the city manager put out 300 pages detailing the problems with the plan. But the dog beach also had a very powerful opponent in the Golf Club, which put out a statement saying "A formal dog beach is something we find inconceivable for the mere fact that a golf course should not be a gateway to such a thing. If this dog beach is approved, we foresee potential dangers and a potential loss of business as guests may want to avoid the crowds and the dogs." Residents have brought dogs to the beach for years and some say they'll keep bringing them despite the end of the pilot program.
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