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Demolition Has Begun at Old United Artists Studio in WeHo

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Demolition has begun at West Hollywood's The Lot, the Target-adjacent studio once known as Pickford-Fairbanks, United Artists, and the Samuel Goldwyn Studio. Developer CIM Group plans to build new offices and soundstages on the property, but that means lights out for several historic buildings, including the 1920s-era Pickford building. A group of preservationists protested outside The Lot on Sunday, but according to the Save the Pickfair Studios site, "by 10 AM PST the next day the fencing had gone up around the 'Pickford Building'." Deconstruction started later that day.

CIM put out a statement on Saturday saying "All buildings designated as historic will remain...CIM is beginning the initial phase of the revitalization of The Lot's 11-acre site by removing two non-historic buildings and constructing a new 93,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art media office building designed for production and media companies." It says that no other part of the six-phase development has been scheduled yet.

According to Save the Pickfair Studios, there are four more "buildings with historical value" on the site. They also say that a supporter has overnighted an application to put the studio on the California Register of Historical Resources. Here's a video showing a bit of the studio back in the Pickford-Fairbanks days:

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The Lot

1041 N. Formosa Ave., Los Angeles, CA