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Live in a Malibu Harry Gesner and Be Harry Gesner's Neighbor

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Harry Gesner might be the most interesting architect in the world, and here's some rich person's chance to both live in one of his designs and be his neighbor. The Encinal Beach House was built in 1960 and sits just down the beach from Gesner's own house on the Pacific Coast Highway (and just down the beach from his famous Wave House). The house four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a copper roof, wood ceilings, built-ins, glass walls, front and side decks, stairs to the beach, and a second story apartment with a separate entrance. It was listed at one point for $6.995 million, but has now been chopped down to $6.75 million.
· Encinal Beach House, Designed by Architect Harry Gesner [deasy/penner]
· 33618 PACIFIC COAST Hwy [Redfin]