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Yucca St. to Become a Bike-Friendly Alternative to Hollywood

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Hollywood's Yucca Street--which runs parallel to Hollywood Blvd.--is poised to become one of the city's first "Bicycle Friendly Streets," according to the LADOT Bike Blog. Yucca was chosen as a good place to start since it's mostly residential and certainly less chaotic than Hollywood Blvd.; it also has traffic diverters at Las Palmas Ave, Cherokee Ave, and Whitley Ave., which discourage driving via raised concrete strips that make it hard to turn. The LADOT plans to install cut-throughs for bikes (see rendering), so they can easily turn on the side streets and reach nearby bike lanes and the Red Line. The LADOT also wants to add sharrows, wayfinding signage for bikes that includes mileage to area attractions, and new street signs that identify Yucca as a Bicycle Friendly Street. Access for walkers may also improve with proposed pedesrian cutouts and marked crosswalks.
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