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Sunset Megamansion-Off Runner-Up Finally Hits the Finish Line

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We've been watching this pair of Sunset Blvd. megamansions since 2006, and now they're all growns up and asking tens of millions of dollars. The two over-the-top houses both sit on Beverly Hills land once owned by Mohammed al-Fassi, an in-law of the Saudi royal family who painted his own house on the property pea green and added pubic hair to the statuary. That house burned down in 1980. The first of the two replacement houses--9577 Sunset--hit the market nearly two years ago, asking $68.5 million (after a few chops, it's currently asking $49.5 million). Now finally, bringing up the rear, comes 901 N. Alpine. Well, damned if he doesn't have a double staircase topped by a giant skylight. There're also 10 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms in 28,000 square feet, "an imposing guard gated entry," a ballroom, a library, a dining room, a screening room, a game room, a gym with "roman-inspired indoor pool," wet and dry saunas, an elevator, 11 fireplaces, a three-bedroom guesthouse, and an acre and a half of land. Asking price is $29.999999 million. We assume that reflects the lack of an outdoor pool.
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