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Scenes From Day One on LA's Brand New Expo Line

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

On bright, sunny Saturday, LA finally got its long-awaited Expo Line light rail to the westish-side. Phase one is now officially open from Seventh/Metro Downtown to La Cienega and Jefferson in Baldwin Hills; we're told that phase one's terminus at Culver City and the delayed stop at Farmdale will both open in late June. The trains were pretty crowded during our trip in the early afternoon on opening day, with a good mix of Angelenos--the LA Daily News reports that Metro logged about 44,000 boardings on Saturday (rides were free all weekend). However, a Metro employee who's been around for every modern rail opening told us this was one of the more lowkey debuts, possibly in part to the shorter-than-normal lead time staff had to promote the launch. The Expo will run between 5 am and just before 1am and cost $1.50 to ride. Next stop: Santa Monica!
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