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Hideous Hollywood Sign House Tenants: Playboy Swingers and American Idol Singers

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When we first saw this neon-smothered Lake Hollywood house back in December, we figured there were only two kinds of people who could possibly think it was anything but a cheesy disaster: televised swingers and reality show singing contestants. Now it all makes perfect sense--the house, which has its own Hollywood Sign over the pool (plus a disco, a gym, three bars, and an elevator), has already hosted the cast of Playboy TV's Swing and the American Idol singers just moved in this week. According to TMZ, the AI music room was actually lined with mattresses and referred to as the Boom Boom Room back during Swing shooting (which looks like it was pretty dramatic!). The no longer so brand new house is still going furnished for $29,500 a month or for sale for $8.9 million.

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