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Touring Airplane House Architect David Hertz's Personal Home

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A few weekends back, we hit six of the nine houses on the Venice Modern Home Tour--you can see five of those tours here. Curbed photographer extraordinaire Elizabeth Daniels was so taken by the sixth house, David Hertz's McKinley, that she went back to shoot it again.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Architect David Hertz (with his Studio for Environmental Architecture) is the guy who designed the 747 Wing House in Malibu, the one made from an entire decommissioned commercial airplane. So what's his own home like? He lives here in this Venice house of his own design (with his fiancee, the photographer Laura Doss, who's in some of the photos)--it spans two lots and is made up of "four discrete two-story buildings linked by three enclosed bridges that all face onto the courtyard, in a style one might call Balinese Modern." According to his website, he made it as green as he could, and it uses 20 solar panels, flat-plate collectors for hot water (which eventually provide radiant heating), recycled and sustainable woods, and Syndecrete, which absorbs heat during the day and slowly lets it out at night. And if all that doesn't impress you, then you also should know that it's also appeared on Californication.
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