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5 Southern California City Knock-Offs Abroad

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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Orange County should be all blushy and embarrassed right now. The Atlantic Cities has a review of imitation cities from around the world--what AC calls "imposturbanism"--and Beverly Hills and Orange County are all over the map. If you want to be all clever and sarcastic, the next time someone tells you that Orange County is too superficial, ask them which one they mean: Orange County, CA, Orange County, China, or Orange County Resort, Turkey? Or if someone tells you they want to build a subway through Beverly Hills, ask them if they mean Beverly Hills, CA, or Beverly Hills, Egypt.

If you want to visit, here's what to expect from each of our ersatz sister cities around the globe:

-- Beverly Hills, Egypt, was built by developer SODIC. It has 1.75 million square meters of mixed-use "that generated over EGP 1 billion in revenue for the company."

-- In Orange County, China, "California-style ranch houses sit alongside English Tudors and a French-style formal garden complete with stately fountains," according to AC. The gated golf community is located just outside of Beijing.

-- Palm Springs, "a gated community outside of Hong Kong built to imitate the posh lifestyle of the desert resort town," was built in the early nineties, "and features three-story homes with terraces and backyards ideal for barbecuing," according to AC.

-- South Forbes Golf City in Santa Rosa, Philippines, includes a Rodeo Drive.

-- Finally there is Orange County Resort, on the Mediterranean coast in Kemer, Turkey. In an extra layer of imitation, the resort is "modeled after the Dutch fishing village of Volendam, complete with 16th century Dutch-style architecture and an iconic windmill," according to AC. Orange County Resort even went out of its way to replicate Amsterdam's red light district.
· The Curious Case of the 'Imposturbs' [Atlantic Cities]