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Expo Line Breaks the Western Barrier, Day of Unusual Places

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SOUTH LA: Have we mentioned that the Expo Line is opening tomorrow? For one weekend, we can forget about the delays and the cost overruns, because for the first time in decades Angelenos will be able to take a train west of Western (in central LA, anyway)! The Source has a fact sheet and guides to art and destinations along the route; there'll also be celebrations at stations throughout the day tomorrow. Meanwhile, on the less celebratory side, TRUST South LA is holding a flash mob at Expo and Vermont to raise the issue of housing around the line--their flyer (below) says "National trends show an increase in rents around light rail stations. Will the area remain affordable for apartment dwellers, working families, home owners and small business owners?" [Curbed Inbox/The Source]

LOS ANGELES: Tomorrow is also Obscura Day, the "international celebration of unusual places, full of expeditions, back room tours & explorations of the hidden wonders in your own hometown." (Past trips have included California City and the birthplace of the internet at UCLA.) This year's local activities include a scavenger hunt at the Getty, a picnic at the Old Zoo, a trip to the bunny museum in Pasadena, and an Esotouric tour of LA's "most fascinating spiritual site." [Obscura Day]