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Venice Boardwalk Ferris Wheel Tabled In Favor of Zipline Plan

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Boo! Boooooo. The plans to put up a 200 foot tall observation wheel on Ocean Front Walk in Venice (with six-person air-conditioned capsules) are already on hold, reports Yo! Venice!. After the April 17 board meeting of the Venice Neighborhood Council, the area's councilmember, Bill Rosendahl, "asked the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department, which was considering the project, to stop the process for now." There is, however, a consolation price: Rosendahl has asked his staff and Rec and Park to work on a zipline proposal. In a statement on Y!V!, he says "This is an additional element for excitement, it’s easy to install, and it could generate revenue this summer to help the City maintain restrooms at the number one beach in the world. The Great Observation Wheel is an idea that needs more time for vetting." The neighborhood council could consider the zipline idea on May 15.
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