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Hollywood in Ventura County, TAP Cards on the DASH, New Signage for Expo Line Bike Lane

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OXNARD: A reader emails about his discovery of a neighborhood in Oxnard, CA that, from the look of the street names, really likes Los Angeles and its environs. The Silver Strand residential neighborhood, adjacent to the Port Hueneme Naval Construction Center, has street names like Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Drive, and Cahuenga Drive. The southern end of the beachfront neighborhood has streets with names like Pasadena Ave., Burbank Ave., and Eagle Rock Ave. The whole ersatz LA thing recalls places like Beverly Hills, Egypt. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: An email hit the Curbed inbox last night with news that the LADOT has begun installing devices to read Metro's TAP smart cards on the city's DASH and Commuter Express buses. That means you proud TAP card owners will be able to move from the city to the county bus lines seamlessly and without unnecessary digging into pockets for loose change. Installation is expected to be complete by June of this year. [Curbed Inbox]

SOUTH LA: Stay safe while you're riding along the 5.9 miles of Expo Line bike lanes that run parallel to the almost-open light rail lane--The Source reports that the lane now includes new markings and signage where it crosses the railroad tracks at Exposition and Gramercy. The post also includes some sage advice for how to safely approach the tracks, via the LADOT bike blog: "If the light is red, be sure to stop behind the limit line (this will position you on-top of a loop detector, which alerts the traffic signal that a bicycle is present)." [The Source]