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Silver Lake Officially Hates Big Sunset Junction Mixed-Use Plans

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Silver Lake is officially rejecting the potentially gamechanging Sunset Junction plan proposed by developer Frost/Chaddock. At a Silver Lake Neighborhood Council meeting last night, the group voted to oppose plans to replace the 4100 Bar, a now-demolished row of shops, and the infamously seedy Bates Motel (aka the Sunset Pacific) with three mixed-use apartment buildings designed by Killefer Flammang and Kanner Architects. The plan includes a total of 311 units and about 16,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space. The Eastsider LA reports from the scene last night: "The council agreed to remain open to any new proposal from developer Frost/Chaddock but it was not clear how willing the firm would be reduce the size and mass of the four-story buildings." Among other reasons for the opposition, the NC's motion on the matter cited "the massive deviation from the visual character and architectural legacy of Silver Lake; the lack of information about landscaping; the manner in which these projects as proposed would devastate the Sunset Junction neighborhood’s already severely limited parking; the need for better delineated linkages with public transportation as well as possible creation of new transportation options (such as a DASH line)."

F/C's VP of acquisitions and development defended the buildings as "boutique" and as neighborhood revitalizers. He also said that one-bedrooms units in the buildings would rent for around $2,000 per month (although the developer is also applying for density bonuses that would allow it to build bigger in exchange for including a few affordable units). F/C is taking comments through April 26 on items to address in its environmental impact report on the project.
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