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A Peek Inside Octomom's Up For Sale La Habra House

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First 5 images via TMZ

Octomom, aka Nadya Suleman, aka that woman with a bunch of kids that TMZ keeps telling you about, has had her La Habra house on the market since last fall, listed with just one lonely exterior photo. But the crafty fellows over at TMZ have just dug up photos (which they say "triggered a police and child services investigation into allegations that her 14 kids are living in horrendous conditions and are being grossly neglected," on which we will withhold comment)--the place looks pretty standard for an OC tract house built in the late seventies, except for a whole bunch of writing (and possibly tagging?) on the walls. And the mess, but the woman has 14 kids, so let's cut her some slack in that department. However, TMZ says "the plumbing in the house is shot, and only one toilet is operational." The official listing for the four-bedroom house says "Minor TLC needed." Asking price is $425,000.
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