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Hard Work of Modernizing the Glendale Galleria Has Begun

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Renovations are officially underway to pull the tired Glendale Galleria (built in 1976) into the post-Americana world. Construction has started at the Central Avenue entrance and in the Target court "where new stone and tile floors with pixelated patterns dancing throughout are being installed," according to a press release. Next up, work will move to the JC Penney court, where the elevator will be replaced and a "new hand railings and a dramatic new chandelier will be mounted." The renovations will also turn the Central Ave. Plaza into an open air dining and hangout area, add new signage inside and outside the mall, modernize the food court, add new restrooms, and relocate some escalators. The Galleria will also be getting a new 120,000 square foot Bloomingdale's in the former Mervyn's space (which we're sure it hopes will help it compete with the neighboring Americana's forthcoming Nordstrom).

According to the release, "The extensive cosmetic changes will create a more elegant look and feel, including the elimination of exposed brick, opening sight lines revealing the sculptural beauty of the ceiling vaults."

The mall also announced today that Kevin Kennon Architects will serve as design architect and ELS Architecture and Urban Design will be the project's executive architect. Work is expected to finish around the end of 2013.
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Glendale Galleria

100 W. Broadway, Glendale, CA