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Mystery of Glendale Blvd.'s Disappearing, Mistaken Obelisk

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Updated 6:44 pm: Here's an interesting piece of trivia about the empty lot on Glendale Boulevard at the foot of the 2 Freeway terminus in Silver Lake/Echo Park, as shared by Los Angeles Magazine's answer man Chris Nichols. Until 2008, the parcel was home to a storage facility and a cheaply constructed obelisk commemorating the site of Keystone Studios where "Mack Sennett made films with Gloria Swanson, Charlie Chaplin, and Fatty Arbuckle." The obelisk was razed along with the storage facility to make way for a defunct development entitled for 67 townhouses, but until it was destroyed, the obelisk was nothing more than an example of urban errata: Keystone was actually located up a little ways at 1712 Glendale Boulevard. According to Wikipedia, one of the original buildings from Keystone still stands--the studio's main building, which also has the distinction of being the "first totally enclosed film stage and studio in history." Update: Eastsider LA had more on this back in 2009; the site of the obelisk was actually home to the Selig-Polyscope studio.
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