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1930s Deco House Full of (Alleged) Old Hollywood History

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Better keep a broom and dustpan handy, because this listing is quite the namedropper. According to the copy, the Hollywood Hills home was designed in 1938 by Edward B. Rust, architect behind the Nationally Registered Los Altos Apartments in Hancock Park and historic Windsor Hotel in Koreatown. Shortly after being built, the listing informs us, the Deco-style residence was sold to actor/producer Anderson Lawler, who "apparently rented the house to Orson Welles, who lived there with Rita Hayworth. Subsequent owners include opera singer Rise Stevens, actor Lex Barker, and director Ralph Levy. Since 1955 the property was owned by writer/director/producer Paul Harrison and his wife Betty." Sited on a .51 acre lot at the southwest edge of the Briar Summit Open Space Preserve, the four-bedroom, three-bath property features "Deco details such as the staircase, round kitchen window, curving bookcases and shelves, tiles, fixtures and original fireplaces," built-in vanities, hardwood floors, a library, an office, a rooftop sleeping porch, a swimming pool, and attached two-car garage. Asking price for the 3,151 square foot home is $2.195 million.
· 7975 WOODROW WILSON Dr [Redfin]