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USS Iowa Almost Ready For Travel, Orange Line-Adjacent Gym

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RICHMOND: It's less than a month until the USS Iowa battleship is scheduled to leave the Port of Richmond and head south to Los Angeles, where it will open this summer as a floating museum. So how's it doing? Its 50 foot, 52,000 pound mast has just been reattached after a decade (the Navy had removed it so it could fit under bridges on its tow route), and in what is apparently an old maritime tradition, a couple of Iowans dropped Iowa state quarters inside at the last minute. With its mast back up, the ship reaches 175 feet above sea level, which will make things tricky when it gets to the Port of LA's 185 foot tall Vincent Thomas Bridge. The ship leaves Richmond on May 20. [Curbed Inbox]

VAN NUYS: A reader writes: "Can someone please tell me what the heck they are building at the Sepulveda orange line/old Wicks furniture site?? I live around the area and it bothers me that there has been no public participation or signs, nothing!! (from what I have seen). Is this now owned by Metro, or is another company already building something??" There's no exciting transit-oriented development coming to the site, which sits just north of Oxnard St., but there is a transit-oriented gym. The Department of Building & Safety's permit website shows that LA Fitness is building the new structure, and that it will have a pool. [Curbed Inbox]