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Possible Rock Hudson Modern in Studio City Hills Asking $650k

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The past few weeks feel like they've been packed with pedigreed mid-century properties, even for Los Angeles, and while this little cutie in Studio City isn't the hottest house in the recent crop, it could make a nice starter home. On top of that, it was, according to the listing, Rock Hudson's house from 1951 to 1955 and comes with a "skinny dip pool." Potential celebrity connection and naked swimming! The house was designed by Ralph Bowerman and built in 1950; it has one bedroom and three-quarter bathrooms in 1,008 square feet, plus a "skinny dip pool." The current owners looked to have picked it up in a bank sale last fall for $300,000. It's now asking $649,900.
· 3893 AVENIDA DEL SOL [Redfin]