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Buy Nomland & Nomland's Case Study House #10 in Pasadena

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Don't look now, but another Case Study House has just hit the market -- though we wouldn't be at all surprised if it goes pending by the time we finish writing this post. Designed by father and son team Kemper Nomland and Kemper Nomland, Jr., CSH #10 is the only Case Study House built in Pasadena. Constructed in 1947, it was designed specifically for its sloping, .37-acre lot in the San Rafael Hills. Divided into three levels, the wood-framed property features a main house with three bedrooms and three baths, a one-bedroom guesthouse with bath and kitchenette, sliding glass doors, interior panels of pebbled glass, a step-down living room, two fireplaces, a backyard garden, refurbished heated pool, a workshop, and attached, two-car garage. Asking price for the 2,686 square foot residence is $1.599 million, and more info about it can be found in Arts & Architecture's online archive.
· 711 S SAN RAFAEL Ave [Redfin]
· Case Study House #10 [Arts & Architecture]