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West LA's Bundy Triangle Park Reopens (Just) for Earth Day

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A year ago, Westsider Joel Epstein pleaded in the Huffington Post for the reopening of West LA's neighborhood park at Bundy and Santa Monica Blvd.--the green space has been locked up for more than a decade, following the murder of a transient. The area is woefully underserved by parks, so it was nice to see the space reopen for a day--during yesterday's Earth Day, appropriately enough. Epstein spearheaded the effort, which brought out about 20 people and several dogs, through City Councilman Bill Rosendahl's office. Rosendahl's field deputy Len Nguyen says his boss is supportive of reopening the park on a permanent basis, though that means someone would have to open the park every morning and lock it up every night. Nguyen added that community pressure would help move the situation along more quickly, as the LAPD is not supportive of activating the park thanks to the sizable homeless population in the area. One such individual plopped down in the middle of the park and took a nap this weekend, but no one seemed to mind.

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