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Phil Spector Sues Alhambra For Damage to Murder House

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While record producer Phil Spector rots away behind bars for the 2003 killing of Lana Clarkson, he and his wife are claiming that the city of Alhambra has screwed up their 1926 house where Clarkson was shot. The Spectors have owned Alhambra's notorious (for many reasons) Pyrenees Castle on Grand View Drive since 1998. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Spectors are suing the city for road work and construction that made the house "destabilized and damaged by deep-seated landsliding." They say that "a city-owned wall that supports the hillside on Grand View has deteriorated and is causing a landslide and subsidence that is damaging the Spectors' property. The lawsuit alleges that 'road cuts' that are part of a public project have destabilized the hillside." They're asking for compensation for the physical damage, the loss of use, and the loss of value.
· Phil Spector and Wife Sue City of Alhambra, Claim Property Damage [THR]