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Check Out MOCA Director Deitch's Tricked Out Los Feliz House

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Jeffrey Deitch, the former New York gallerist and current (somewhat controversial) MOCA director, seems to have finally gotten things set up the way he likes them in his Los Feliz house. Shortly after he'd moved in 2010, he gave a video tour of the still-mostly-empty (and very lovely) Spanish Colonial Revival (see it below), and mentioned that he'd be having the artist Richard Woods make over his "party room" in a "super Tudor pop" style. Today the New York Times reveals the results and we think they're pretty awesome, especially punctuated only by a totally bananas Gaetano Pesce sofa. Deitch tells the NYT "I was furnishing with Spanish Revival furniture, but I was getting bored." Other non-Spanish furnishings include a Chris Johanson installation of a street with shop fronts, cars, and pedestrians; and a piano designed by the director Michel Gondry, which "When you push down the key, it plays a videotape with audio of someone playing that note in 88 locations around the world, one for each key." It's rumored that buddies Cary Grant and Randolph Scott shared the house in the 1930s.

· Jeffrey Deitch’s Party House [NYT]