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Red Cars Testing at California Adventure's Hollywood Land

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This should make LA nostalgists very happy, which is only fitting since it involves the Happiest Place on Earth: the Disney Park blog reports that testing has started on the new Disney California Adventure trolley, a recreation of LA's historic Red Cars. The trolley begins service on June 15, when Buena Vista Street opens at the park--the Red Cars will depart from the park's main entrance, run along Buena Vista Street, past a replica of the Carthay Circle Theater, and through the Hollywood Land district (the former Hollywood Pictures Backlot), before stopping at the Tower of Terror attraction and reversing direction. The new street and trolley is part of California Adventure's 1920s-era LA makeover, which also involves a recreation of the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge. What may be most amazing is that back when the Red Cars were first announced in August 2010, Disney expected the attraction to be up and running in spring of 2012; Disney doesn't mess around.