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A Beverly Hills Modern Listing for the Imagination-Challenged

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Not only is this Beverly Hills mid-century modern listing a trust sale, it also appears to have some serious trust issues. Just in case anyone can't visualize the unstaged home's future potential on their own, its photo gallery helpfully provides an alternate series of pix with furnishings CGIed in. Which leads us to wonder: if you're gonna doctor photos of the multimillion dollar property you're selling with virtual decor, why not insert images of the greatest, most highly coveted pieces of art and furniture imaginable, instead of some Levitz-outlet-level crap? At any rate, the 5,479 square foot residence, originally built in 1960, features six bedrooms, eight baths, two fireplaces, walls of windows, a swimming pool, and three-car garage. Sited on a .37 acre lot, it's listed at $3.599 million.
· 9570 SUNSET BLVD [Redfin]