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1924 Los Feliz House By "LA's Quirkiest Dead Architect"

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This 1924 house in Los Feliz is true to form for Angelus Temple architect AF Leicht, who Los Angeles magazine called "L.A.'s quirkiest dead architect" back in 1999: "Although the exteriors of Leicht's mansions sport archetypal Mediterranean elements like narrow, arched windows and tile roofs, the facades also hint at what's behind the door. Inside, entries are purposefully off-kilter, hallways are rounded, and walls meet at odd angles." This particular specimen features, per the listing, five bedrooms, five bathrooms, original magnesite flooring, a step-down solarium, a kitchen with a fireplace and balcony, an outdoor copper jacuzzi, an octagonal bedroom, and a wine cellar. Asking price is $3.25 million.
· 2338 CHISLEHURST Dr [Redfin]