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Touring Neil Denari's Alan-Voo Family House in Mar Vista

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It's home tour season and this past weekend we were back on the Westside for the AIA/LA's Venice Vista tour. We visited three of the five houses on display (we toured Ortiz Mexia Projects's Appleton Way house a few weeks back and one house did not allow photos)--now let's get to it!

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

LA-based architect Neil Denari has done a lot of his best work out of town, but you can find some of his signature undulating polygons in Mar Vista, in his Alan-Voo House, completed in 2007. According to Denari's site, the project, for a creative couple and their three daughters, added 1,000 square feet to an existing 1,000 square foot house. Extensions to the front and back added new public spaces and a new master bedroom--"This strategy amounts to a new 16 ft wide linear house being inserted into the existing house."
· Alan-Voo House | 2007 [NMDA]