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How Fast Can You Travel By Transit From Your Neighborhood?

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Following on the heels of that very cool April Fools 8-bit Google Maps activity over the weekend, a student correspondent at Archinect today gave some love to some of the other cool map things available around the internet. What you see above is not a Rorschach test, it's the handy work of Mapnificent, an interactive Google Maps overlay that shows the distance a person can travel via public transit from any given point during a certain time frame. To sample the interactive goods offered by Mapnificent, we tested to see how far you could travel in half an hour from some of the transportation hot beds around the LA metropolitan region--locations that are already transit rich (e.g., Downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach, and North Hollywood) and other areas that are either about to get transit rich or will influence how transit rich the whole region will be in the long term (e.g., Culver City, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills). Mapnificent could provide hours of entertainment for the transit enthusiast. The map allows you to enter specific addresses or drag the pointer around the map to experiment with the mobility of different neighborhoods around the basin. The site includes a link to the Metro trip planner and all the data for this section of the map is copyrighted by Metro.
· Mapnificent Los Angeles [Official Site]