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New Wilshire Grand Could Be Tallest Tower West of Chicago

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Korean Air's Wilshire Grand hotel project was recently downsized from two skyscrapers to one, ditching a planned office tower because Downtown's hotel demand is outstripping the office market (or so they tell us). But an interesting tidbit about the project, which will result in the hotel's current mid-century incarnation being torn down this summer, is that the new building could rise to 80 stories, according to the Los Angeles Business Journal's story [sub. req.] on the new plans. The Downtown News updated their Wilshire Grand piece from last month to address the possibility, writing that, "while specifications for the single tower are still under would be closer in height to the approved phase two office building. That structure was most recently imagined as a 60-story tower, but the entitlements would allow for a building of 1,250 feet in height, or 75-80 stories. If Korean Air built the tower as tall as its approvals allow, it would surpass the US Bank Tower as the tallest building west of the Mississippi River."
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