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Here's Frank Gehry Visiting the Perfectly Placed LACMA Rock

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Artist Michael Heizer stayed out of town while the 340 ton rock for his "Levitated Mass" sculpture traveled from a Riverside quarry to LACMA last month, but now he's finally flown in and is living on the museum's campus in an Airstream trailer with his wife and dog, reports County Supe Zev Yaroslavsky's website. Pretty badass. Meanwhile, the rock finally touched down on its 456 foot long trench (behind the Resnick Pavilion along Sixth Street) on Tuesday, on top of a layer of high-density grout and steel plates that will hopefully keep everything in place, along with holes filled with high-strength epoxy, one-inch diameter pins, and five steel wedges "to prevent side-to-side sliding" (visitors will be able to walk through the trench and under the rock). According to Heizer, "It landed perfect."

There's still a bit more seismic engineering to do this week "as the rock is permanently affixed to the steel shelves," but after that it's just a matter of putting in the "desert-scape" around the sculpture. "Levitated Mass" is set to open in mid-June. Oh, and apparently Uncle Frank Gehry came to visit--Zev's site doesn't explain that one.
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