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First Ever Offering For Modern Ayers Residence in San Marino

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We love the little art history lesson embedded in the brokerbabble for the three-bedroom, three-bathroom Ayers Residence in San Marino: "The City of San Marino is not noted for bohemian lifestyles, but here on the fringe in oak strewn Kewen Canyon, at least haute-bohemianism, with a nod to modernism flourished postwar through the1960's. Austin Ayres, an engineer by profession, commenced his own interpretation of modernism in 1955. With sketches drawn by William L. Rudolph A. I. A. , Ayers created a combination art studio/living quarters. The avant-garde living arrangement was concealed behind an innocuous ranch-style facade, taunting & defying conservative McCarthy-era perceptions that associated Modernism with Communism." That's some house! It sits on .45 acres and has a fireplace, a loft-style master, and a newer studio/guest area above the garage. This is the house's first time ever on the market--perhaps it senses that the world is in need of its defiance. Asking price is $1.395 million.
· 1080 KEWEN Dr [Redfin]