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Auto Shows and Ice Rinks: Latest Downtown NFL Stadium and Convention Center Renderings

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Convention Center renderings by Populous/Arnold Imaging; Gilbert Lindsay Plaza renderings via Melendrez/Arnold imaging; Farmers Field renderings via Gensler/V Studios; all via Facebook

View From a Loft tips us off that developer AEG has released new renderings of its proposed Downtown NFL stadium (aka Farmers Field) and Convention Center (aka LACOEX) project on Facebook. The plan's environmental impact report came out a couple weeks ago. The new renderings show all kinds of never-before-seen stuff, like what the auto show might look like in the new Convention Center hall, a meeting room at the Farmers Field stadium, and some potential uses for the revamped Gilbert Lindsay Plaza in front of the Convention Center--how do you feel about a farmers' market or an ice rink? There's also a rendering of what tailgating might look like in Chick Hearn Plaza by the new stadium; since the project does not include acres of surface parking, the pre-game drinking and grilling has been a concern.
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Farmers Field

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