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Plans For "LA's French Quarter" Between South Park and FiDi

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We know that LA Live developer AEG wants to build an NFL stadium in South Park, between Staples Center and the 110. And we know that as part of the plan it'll also build a new Convention Center hall with a new public plaza, and it'll help expand the 101 and the Metro station at Pico. But what hasn't been discussed much is the work AEG intends to do on seven blocks of Francisco Street stretching from the Financial District to the new Farmers Field area--they want to convert the stretch into a bustling link called the Avenue of Angels. AEG described the plan at a session at the American Planning Association conference yesterday and our mole on the inside tells us that "Ted Tanner of AEG described how they envisioned transforming Francisco street into something like the Gaslamp District in San Diego or the French Quarter in New Orleans. He didn't say more than that, only that they were still developing the plan for it." The Downtown News mentioned the Ave. of Angels briefly back in January, saying only that "AEG is eyeing partnerships with other area property owners to spur development along Francisco Street to improve connectivity between South Park and the Financial District."

We're also told that someone at the session yesterday asked for specifics on the expansion of the Blue/Expo/Silver Line Pico station, but AEG didn't have details, "just noted that they planned to spend $10 million on making improvements and expanding the station and enhancing the streetscape around it. They were working with Metro to figure out how to make the station work better."
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