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100 Year Old Wooded Historic Landmark in Highland Park

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According to the listing, this wooded and somewhat woodsy house in Highland Park (within spitting distance of Pasadena) was recently designated a historic landmark and is eligible for Mills Act tax breaks. It also says it's loaded up with "clinker bricks, stained Oregon pine woodwork and open beamwork," in addition to the four bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, and a nearly 1,500 square foot artist's studio with its own kitchenette, bathroom, and laundry area. The whole thing sits on .35 acres with "meandering pathways beneath a stately oak, an arroyo stone wishing well fountain and a garden shed." However, the listing is maybe not entirely trustworthy--the public info says the house was built in 1912, but the MLS says 1905. Either way, it's pretty old. Asking price is $788,500. The house last sold in 2004 for $854,000.
· 1051 North AVENUE 64 [Redfin]